Nightwatch includes a command-line test runner which makes it easy to run tests and generate useful output. Please refer to the Installation section for details on how to get the runner installed. There are a few different options on how to use the test runner, depending on your installation type.


If you have installed Nightwatch globally (with -g option), the binary nightwatch will be available anywhere:

nightwatch [source] [options]

Project specific

If you have Nightwatch installed as a dependency of your project, you can refer the binary from the node_modules/.bin folder or use the npx command which is provided by NPM.

npx nightwatch [source] [options]
Linux and MacOSX:
./node_modules/.bin/nightwatch [source] [options]

Create a file nightwatch.js and add the following line:


Then run as follows:

node nightwatch.js [source] [options]

Tests source

The optional source argument can be either one or more files or an entire folder. This can be located irrespectively of the src_folders setting.

Example - single test:

nightwatch tests/one/firstTest.js

Example - 2 individual tests:

nightwatch tests/one/firstTest.js tests/secondTest.js

Example - 1 individual test and 1 folder:

nightwatch tests/one/test.js tests/utils
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