Run your Nightwatch.js tests in Edge can be achieved using the Microsoft Edge WebDriver.

Downloading EdgeDriver

Step 1. Download Microsoft Edge WebDriver - Depending on the version of your Edge Browser, download the relevant Microsoft Edge WebDriver.

Step 2. Configure the path - You can either add the path to the Microsoft Edge WebDriver binary to the system PATH or set the location in the cli_args key under the selenium key in your nightwatch.json file as follows:

"localEdge": {
       selenium_host: "",
       selenium_port: 4444,
       selenium: {
           start_process: true,
           host: "",
           port: 4444,
           cli_args: {
               "webdriver.edge.driver": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Web Driver\\MicrosoftWebDriver.exe",
        desiredCapabilities: {
           platform: "Windows 10",
           browserName: "MicrosoftEdge",
           javascriptEnabled: true

Learn more

For more information about the Microsoft Edge WebDriver refer to the Official documentation.

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