Send a sequence of key strokes to the active element. The sequence is defined in the same format as the sendKeys command.
An object map with available keys and their respective UTF-8 characters, as defined on W3C WebDriver draft spec, is loaded onto the main Nightwatch instance as browser.Keys.

Rather than the setValue, the modifiers are not released at the end of the call. The state of the modifier keys is kept between calls, so mouse interactions can be performed while modifier keys are depressed. Pass client.keys.NULL to the keys function to release modifiers.

Since v2.0, this command is deprecated. It is only available on older JSONWire-based drivers. Please use the new User Actions API.



Name Type description
keysToSend Array|string

The keys sequence to be sent.


Optional callback function to be called when the command finishes.


module.exports = {
 'demo Test': function(browser) {
     .keys(browser.Keys.CONTROL) // hold down CONTROL key
     .keys(browser.Keys.NULL) // release all keys